Gymnastics Fun Facts

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Our Number one goal is to build each child's self-confidence and self-esteem while improving coordination, flexibility and physical strength.


  • Fun-its part of our curriculum

  • Learning-we follow a weekly curriculum to ensure each child is learning at his/her own pace.

  • Safety-our gymnastics coaches are certified and train year round

No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why we create an individual learning plan for every gymnast.  Join the fun and register today.

Gymnastics was officially established as a sport in 1862.

Gymnastics were introduced at the 1896 Olympics.

The most decorated American female gymnast of all time is Shannon Miller. She won two gold medals, two silver medals and three bronze medals.

16-year-old Mary Lou Retton won the 1984 Olympic gold medal in the Women's All-Around event. She had a perfect performance on the vault and was the very first American Olympic competitor to win that event.